Pet loans from $500-$35,000

A pet loan from Fairstone can help you cover pet-related expenses

Cover pet-related expenses with a personal loan from Fairstone. A pet loan can help you cover the cost of vet fees, as well as any surgeries, procedures and medication that your pet needs to stay healthy.

Need help with vet bills?

Even basic pet care can add up over time and stretch your budget farther than you’d like. You can try to find ways to save money on your vet bills, but sometimes it’s not always enough. Put your pet’s health first with a personal loan from Fairstone, and manage pet-related costs through affordable payments that fit your budget.

Emergency pet loans

It can be difficult to prepare for a pet’s illness or injuries. If your pet is healthy, you probably aren’t planning or budgeting for emergency surgeries. When you’re not prepared and the unexpected occurs, a pet loan from Fairstone can help you cover emergency pet expenses. Ensure your pet has the care they need, while benefitting from a payment schedule that suits your needs.