Interested in gaining a leap forward with Fairstone Point-of-Sale Financing?

Almost 75% of customers said that financing influenced their decision to purchase – think of what this could mean for your business. Fairstone offers a leading retail financing program in Canada that can propel your business to the next level. If you don’t already offer inhouse financing, you’re missing out on an opportunity to serve new customers who are looking for flexible payment options.

Statistic according to Fairstone’s 2017 annual customer survey.

What makes Fairstone different? We offer a suite of tools to help make your private label credit card program successful.

Dedicated program support

Benefit from ongoing training for you and your staff to support the success of your program

Customized financing solutions

We’ll work with you to create a plan that supports your business objectives

Simple and secure application

Customers receive most credit decisions within a minute and can make purchases right away

Fairstone retail financing program features

  • Customized marketing materials and free advertising opportunities
  • Ongoing training support for you and your employees
  • Low program costs and no monthly fees
  • Store-branded credit cards
  • Variety of payment plans to suit your customers’ needs

Interested in gaining a leap forward with Fairstone Point-of-Sale Financing? Simply:

  1. Fill out our contact form to get started – tell us about yourself and your business.
  2. One of our dedicated Account Managers will reach out to you and recommend a customized solution based on your goals.
  3. We’ll provide the resources you need to get started, including your simple and instant online financing application, flexible financing plans and access to branded advertising materials.
  4. Your Account Manager is always available for questions and support.

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Training and support

We understand the importance of educating you and your employees about your financing program. We’ll provide training sessions, resources and articles to keep you up to date on your program.

Still looking for more training? We’re happy to customize training and resources for your business.

Industries we serve

We have partners coast to coast, in industries such as:



Furniture & Appliances

Health & Fitness




Home Renovations

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“For the customer, it is a great deal. For my team, it’s a streamlined process: sending in a credit application takes two minutes, so they love it. It’s a great tool and the folks at Fairstone who run the program do an excellent job.”

Jeff Hall, Midas, Kingston, Ontario

“Our relationship with Fairstone has been great.  I find that the application process is very easy to follow. The turnaround time for approvals so far has been nothing short of fantastic. I also like the fact that if necessary, a co-applicant can be used. We did not have that feature with our previous Home Card. Getting paid for the transaction with direct deposit is quick and easy. With proper promotion, I can see how using Fairstone will do nothing but increase our sales and make customers very happy.”

Jim Boldt, Almonte Home Furniture.