Interested in financing a purchase, or recently made a purchase with one of our partners?

Fairstone partners with businesses across Canada to offer flexible financing programs for Canadian consumers.

Interested in financing a purchase? Learn more about our programs and how it works.

Already made a purchase with one of our partners? Get more information about your plan and answers to your top questions.

Why finance your purchase?

Buy now pay later

Defer your payments and benefit from no interest periods on select plans. Inhouse financing offers longer grace periods than credit cards!

Budget for unexpected purchases

Vet bills? Broken appliances? Break up large, unexpected expenses into affordable payments overtime.

Exclusive sales and contests for cardholders

Fairstone cardholders benefit from promotions and contests only available for financing customers.

How the program works:

  • Visit one of our retail partners online or instore and complete our simple and instant online financing application
  • Once approved you’ll receive your virtual credit card with approved amount and you can make a purchase right away

After making a purchase, you’ll receive a welcome call from your local Fairstone branch. Plus, you’ll receive a monthly statement outlining the details of your account. If you have questions about your account or monthly statement, check out our financing FAQ.

Contact us:

Interested in speaking with someone about your plan? Contact us at 888-638-2274.

Fairstone personal loans from $500-$35,000

In addition to offering financing, Fairstone also provides personal loans in over 240 branches across Canada. Canadians use Fairstone personal loans to help consolidate debt, cover the cost of emergencies and unexpected expenses, and manage larger, planned expenses like a home repair.

Interested in a personal loan but not sure how much money you could qualify for? Answer a few simple questions to get your free personalized loan quote without impacting your credit score.

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