Referral Program

Refer a friend to Fairstone and get $100.
(Not currently available in Quebec)

Thank you for choosing Fairstone for you borrowing needs. We pride ourselves in providing personalized, local service to customers in over 240 locations across Canada.

Do you know someone who could benefit from a Fairstone loan? Our Customer Referral Program rewards past and current customers who refer a new customer to Fairstone. If a new customer you refer takes out a small or medium personal loan, you’ll receive a $100 referral reward as our thanks.*

Here's how it works:

Get your number

Call or visit your branch to receive your unique referral number. Anyone you refer will need to provide this number when they apply for a personal loan.

Spread the word

Share your name and referral number with interested friends and family members. Remind them they will need to provide the referral number when they close their loan.

Earn your reward

6-8 weeks after the person you refer takes out a new personal loan from Fairstone, you’ll receive $100. You can receive up to 5 referral rewards ($500) per calendar year.

Why refer Fairstone?

Beyond the benefit of a referral reward, you should refer Fairstone to your friends and family if they have a financial need and are looking for a lender to provide a personalized loan solution with affordable payments, fixed rates and one-on-one local service. The person you refer can go to any Fairstone branch across Canada — it doesn’t have to be the same branch you go to.

* Not available to residents of Quebec. You may qualify to earn a referral reward (“Reward”) if the person you refer (“Referee”) obtains an unsecured personal loan from Fairstone. Referee must provide the referral number to Fairstone prior to loan closing. To be eligible, Referee cannot have an existing loan at the time the Referee closes their loan. Reward is a cheque that will be mailed 6-8 weeks after Referee’s loan closing. Reward will not be paid for loans that are paid in full within 30 days of origination, cancelled, or in which you are the primary borrower. Limit five Rewards per customer per calendar year. In order to protect customer privacy, Fairstone cannot provide any information about the status of Referee’s loan application. Fairstone reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time for any reason. You are responsible for payment of any income or other taxes due as a result of the Reward having been paid to you.