Grow and manage your business with Fairstone PurplPay

Fairstone PurplPay offers an omnichannel, digital financing platform with end-to-end functionality so you can grow and manage your business.

With Fairstone PurplPay, your customers apply anywhere, anytime, on any device

Fairstone PurplPay features a simple and secure online application and a seamless digital financing experience – whether in person or online.

Your customers can apply instantly for financing anywhere, anytime, on any device by following a QR code, SMS text, or your unique web link.

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With Fairstone PurplPay, your Sales Associates can focus on selling

By putting customers in charge, they can complete their secure online application independently and in privacy meaning your Sales Associates can spend more time selling. For customers who don’t have a mobile device, Sales Associates have the option to facilitate the financing application process using your in-store tablet or computer.

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