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Our loan solutions offer affordable payments, fixed terms and lower interest rates compared to other non-bank lenders. We offer both secured and unsecured personal loans to help cover the cost of unexpected expenses, repairs, home improvements and emergencies.

Personal loans up to $30,000

Manage unexpected expenses with a small, medium or secured personal loan from $500-$30,000. Fairstone can help you with:

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What is a personal loan? Can I pay off my loan early? We’ve answered the most frequently-asked questions about borrowing money, and about our products and services. Visit our FAQ to get all the answers you need to know before applying for a Fairstone loan.

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Too much credit card debt? Fairstone has loans for bill consolidation.

Tackle your bills and debt head-on with a Fairstone debt consolidation loan. Our knowledgeable Lending Specialists will work with you on a personalized debt relief plan to help simplify your finances and make borrowing money a positive experience.


Retail financing you can count on

Purchase what you need when you need it with convenient financing options. Fairstone partners with leading retailers across Canada to offer credit card and financing programs on retail purchases.


Borrowing money is a part of life

For many Canadians, the experience of borrowing money isn’t always positive. We wanted to find out why. So we took a good, long look at the Canadian borrowing experience and found that lots of people have needs that the big banks aren’t willing to meet. But if they don’t go to the bank, does that mean they should expect a borrowing experience that’s anything less than exceptional? We don’t think so.

That’s why we set out to build something different. Something better. A company that offers loans that fit today’s needs for borrowing money. Loans that adapt and evolve as needs change. Loans that suit you.

Fairstone is the lender for hard-working Canadians who want flexible and transparent loan options. People who want affordable payments, clear terms and a great service experience. With almost a century of Canadian lending experience, Fairstone understands what’s important to Canadians: Borrowing money on their own terms.
You do have options, you do have a choice. And you can get a loan that suits you. Welcome to Fairstone.

In Ontario, Fairstone Financial Inc. is licensed as mortgage brokerage 10821.