Sales-boosting consumer financing programs

Retail point-of-sale and automobile financing

Fairstone works alongside Canadian retail businesses and automobile dealerships across the country to offer point-of-sale and automobile financing programs for you and your customers. We understand your business is unique – we'll work with you to create a customized financing program that's tailored to you and your customers.

By partnering with Fairstone, you'll benefit from flexible financing plans, and ongoing program support, while your customers benefit from a seamless process, high approval rates and dedicated customer service.

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Point-of-sale financing

Gain a leap forward with Fairstone PurplPay, our omnichannel digital platform, boost sales with flexible financing plans and leverage Fairstone’s unmatched expertise in consumer financing.

Automobile financing

With competitive auto financing from Fairstone, dealers can exceed sales targets, satisfy customers and grow you’re their business.