Fairstone Frequently
Asked Questions (FAQ)

From applying for your first loan to managing
your account online and more, find answers to
frequently asked questions about Fairstone


The basics



What products and services does Fairstone offer?

Fairstone offers personal loans, home equity loans and debt consolidation services for Canadians. We also partner with leading retailers and auto dealerships across the country to offer customer financing options. 


How is Fairstone different from a bank?

Lenders serve different customers, based on their credit score and borrowing risk. Banks and credit unions provide full-service banking to ‘prime’ customers — they take in customer deposits and lend money using the deposits they hold. Fairstone is a money re-lender or retailer, and our products and services reflect that difference. If you’re in the good to fair credit score range (prime or fairly close), you may qualify for a loan from Fairstone. We’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure the loan solution you choose is right for you.


Where can I find the closest Fairstone branch?

You can find your local branch here, or call 800-995-2274 to contact the Fairstone branch office nearest you.


How does your toll free number work?

Simply call 800-995-2274 and you’ll automatically be transferred to the Fairstone branch nearest your calling location.


What are my branch’s hours of operation?

Branch hours vary by location. Find your local branch and give them a call to learn their hours.


Where can I mail my payment?

You can mail your cheque or money order to your local branch. Be sure to send your payment 3–5 business days before the payment is due to ensure it arrives on time. You can also sign up for online account management to manage your loan quickly and conveniently online.


I received mail from you; how did you get my name and mailing address?

Fairstone obtains mailing lists from a variety of list vendors. These vendors provide information found in the public domain, such as public telephone directories, as well as third-party information obtained through sources like online websites, companies that do surveys in shopping malls, contest entries, and retail partners. The list vendors receive the individual’s consent to share the names and addresses with third party companies like Fairstone, and adhere to Canadian privacy regulations.

We respect Canadians’ privacy preferences. If you do not want to receive our Marketing materials, we can add you to our do-not-mail data base. You can request to be removed from our mailing list by contacting your local branch or by calling 888-243-6639.


Can you remove me from your mailing list?

You can request to be removed from our mailing list by contacting your local branch or by calling 888-243-6639. Please note removal from our mailing list may take up to 10 business days and you may receive additional mail for up to eight weeks while lists are updated. To manage your Fairstone email and email newsletter subscription, visit your online account


I received a suspicious email from Fairstone and/or an email asking for sensitive information. What should I do?

Fairstone will never ask for unsolicited personal information, banking information or other confidential details through an email. While we do send out regular emails to inform customers about important updates, please beware of any potential phishing scams or fraudulent emails that may try to disguise themselves as Fairstone. If you’re unsure if an email is legitimate, do not click on any links or provide information. Instead, please reach out to your local branch by calling 800-995-2274. You may be asked to forward a copy of the email so we can investigate its authenticity.