Fairstone contributes 23,000 trees toward a greener Canada

Toronto, ON (April 21, 2016) — Fairstone is proud to announce a new partnership with Tree Canada, the national charitable organization dedicated to growing and sustaining urban and rural forests in Canada. Fairstone will contribute $75,000 toward Tree Canada’s ‘National Greening Program,’ growing and developing national forests in areas requiring reforestation or afforestation.


Fairstone’s support includes a commitment to offset its paper use through tree planting, which, over the course of two years, will account for almost 23,000 trees being planted across Canada. In 2016, one tree will be planted for every tree used by the company and in 2017 this amount will be doubled to two trees for every tree used.


“This partnership is an important step forward in Fairstone’s commitment to our communities,” says Scott Wood, President and CEO, Fairstone Canada, Inc. “The decision to offset our paper use and contribute to a greener Canada was simple – now more than ever companies need to embrace the importance of sustainable business practices and environmentalism. Because community matters, we are proud to partner with a charity that provides national planting opportunities. With over 200 locations across Canada, this program allows us to improve many of the communities where we live and work.”


The National Greening Program is responsible for mass seedling plantings across Canada in areas devastated by natural or human-caused disasters. It also includes the performance of one, two and five-year assessments to certify the health of the newly planted forests. The National Greening Program contributes to the restoration of forests and wildlife habitat, cleaner air, cleaner soil and cleaner waterways across the country.


“This partnership is another fantastic example of a company’s desire to show their commitment towards green sustainable practices”, says Michael Rosen, President of Tree Canada. “Their decision to offset paper usage through tree planting is why we are proud to consider Fairstone one of our green partners, sharing in our mission to make Canada a greener place to live.”


Fairstone’s commitment to Tree Canada launches on Earth Day 2016, an annual celebration providing an opportunity for all Canadians to show the world Canada cares about climate change.


About Fairstone

Fairstone is Canada’s leading alternative lender of personal loans. With the stability of over 200 branches coast to coast and lending roots dating back to 1923, Fairstone has the expertise and experience to provide responsible credit solutions that meet today’s unique borrowing needs. Fairstone also offers flexible consumer retail financing across Canada through customized private label credit card and industry programs. Fairstone takes pride in making a difference in the communities where we live and work. For more information visit Fairstone.ca.


About Tree Canada

Tree Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization established to encourage Canadians to plant and care for trees in urban and rural environments. Tree Canada engages Canadian companies, government agencies and individuals to support the planting of trees, the greening of schoolyards, and other efforts to sensitize Canadians to the benefits of planting and maintaining trees. Since 1992, 80 million trees have been planted, over 550 schoolyards have been greened, and Tree Canada has helped organize eleven national urban forest conferences. The next Canadian Urban Forest Conference will take place in Laval, QC in 2016. More information about Tree Canada is available at www.treecanada.ca.


Richard Walker
Director of Communications & Program Development
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