Cause for celebration

A personal loan gets Sam and Jeremy to the church on time

Sam and Jeremy, a retired couple living in New Minas, had a very exciting event coming up. Their youngest grandson was getting married in Toronto in just a few weeks. Of course, every wedding is a cause for celebration but this one was particularly special to Sam and Jeremy because it would be the last wedding in their family.

They dearly wanted to support their grandson, but were worried they couldn’t afford to attend his wedding. Sam and Jeremy are pensioners and didn’t have any extra savings to put toward the trip, which would require travel, hotel, outfits and a wedding gift. Putting those expenses onto a high-interest credit card and carrying a balance didn’t sit well with the couple.

Never having applied for a loan before, Sam and Jeremy visited the New Minas Fairstone branch hopeful to find a solution. When they met with Lending Specialist Nicole, she immediately made them feel welcome and at ease. As they discussed their loan options with Nicole, the couple shared stories about their children and grandchildren. Nicole explained that with a mid-size personal loan from Fairstone, Sam and Jeremy could get the money they needed for the event and pay back the loan with affordable, fixed payments. They chose a monthly payment schedule and term that met their budget, closed their loan and had the money deposited into their bank accounts the next day.

Three weeks later, Sam and Jeremy made their way to Toronto to celebrate their grandson and his new bride. It was an unforgettable day and the couple was incredibly happy they were able to be part of it. They were so grateful for the expertise and care Nicole provided that they came into the branch with homemade pies and showed her pictures of the big day. Nicole was proud she was able to help a wonderful couple find a loan solution that allowed them to meet their goals.

Names, locations and some details have been changed to respect our customers’ privacy.


“They dearly wanted to support their grandson, but were worried they couldn’t afford to attend his wedding.”