7 #Lifehacks that will save you money

Saving money is usually at the top of most people’s to-do list, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook small changes you can make that could lead to big savings over time.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of quick and easy tips that can help you save hundreds, or even thousands every year. Read on for our top #lifehacks to save you money.

Automate your bills

This is an easy way to ensure your bills are being paid on time every month (which in turn helps protect your credit score). Many companies will let you set up a system to automatically withdraw your bills from your account, or to even just charge them directly to your credit card (but make sure you pay it back by your due date).

Bundle when you can

Companies will reward you for having multiple services with them. Consider bundling any services you can, like home phone, cable and internet, to save on your monthly bill.

Make your loyalty work for you

More and more companies are rewarding customer loyalty with points programs, like PC Plus, Scene Points and Shoppers Optimum. If you already shop at a store with a rewards program, get a points card! These points can add up big time on purchases you’d be making anyway.

Use energy efficient appliances and bulbs

Simply replacing all the light bulbs in your house with energy efficient ones could save the typical home $100 a year.1 Over a 10-year period that’s $1,000 saved, just by making a small change to something you’re already doing (using the lights).

Use gift cards to stick to a budget

If you’re trying to budget, consider using gift cards to help you stay on track. For example, let’s say your monthly Tim Hortons budget is $25; a great way to make sure you stick to your budget is to purchase a $25 gif tcard at the beginning of the month. Once it’s empty, so is your monthly coffee fund.

Automatic transfers

If saving every month has become a struggle, take the guesswork out of it by setting up automatic transfers. You can set it up so on a certain day every month an amount is automatically moved into your savings account. If you do it on pay day, you won’t even notice the money is gone.

And if saving a big chunk at once seems like too much, try an app that helps you save in smaller increments like Mylo, which rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar and saves those few cents for you automatically.

Clear your browser or go incognito

Most travel sites will use cookies to detect if you have already searched their sites. In fact, you may notice if you keep searching the same trip the price might jump up every time you visit. Pro tip: go into incognito mode on your browser when looking at travel sites online, which allows you to avoid cookies. Many people report significant savings on travel by going undercover.

We hope these financial #lifehacks will help you save money. Do you have any #lifehacks of your own? Share them with us on Facebook!



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