Father’s Day: 5 ways to celebrate the day with dad

Celebrating Father’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. The best and most affordable way you can celebrate Father’s Day is by spending some quality time with your dad, or the other father figures in your life.

Here are five ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget:

Have a movie night

Pick out some of your dad’s favourite movies and spend some time together having a movie marathon. Make the night even better with some easy homemade snacks like pizza, nachos or popcorn. Watching movies at home is an affordable alternative to the theatre, and your dad will enjoy kicking his feet up while you provide the drinks and snacks (and clean up, of course).

Visit a local car show

If your dad is interested in cars, take him to a local car show. Smaller car shows have either free or lower-cost admission fees, so it’s an affordable gift and a great way to learn more about your dad’s hobby.  

Check out events going on in your local community – some car shows that take place on Father’s Day weekend offer free admission for dads.

Go camping

Father’s Day weekend is a great time of year to plan a camping trip – you can even make it a tradition. Camping is an affordable activity, especially compared to going somewhere that requires staying in a hotel. Try to book a weekend at a local campground so you don’t have to drive very far or spend a lot of money on gas.

Don’t forget to spend time doing his favourite activities – fishing, hiking, swimming or playing catch are all great ways to spend a camping trip with dad.

Have a food tasting evening

What’s better than cooking your dad dinner for Father’s Day? Making it into a food tasting night! You can cook up a variety of different meals for a food tasting evening and even try out different desserts. We suggest cooking wings and offering a variety of different sauces for dipping. After everyone has tried everything, ask them to vote on their favourite sauce and see which one wins!

Clean and detail his vehicle  

Make dad’s vehicle sparkle again by offering to clean it as a Father’s Day gift. Getting a professional detail service can be pricey, but you can do it yourself for free. It’s definitely a chore he’ll be happy to let someone else do and he’ll enjoy driving his vehicle so much more when it’s clean. You can also take on other chores like cutting the grass or cleaning the garage. Your dad will appreciate anything you can do that will give him the day off.

If you can’t afford to buy an expensive gift on Father’s Day, just remember that the most meaningful gift is a simple “thank you” for all your dad has done. And best of all, saying thank you doesn’t cost a thing.

Happy Father’s Day!