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Bringing the branch experience online

As technology evolves, consumers adapt, and companies must embrace a culture of change to meet consumer expectations and to stay competitive. At Fairstone, this has led to the creation of an entire department focused on digital evolution, steered by our Senior Vice President of Strategy and Digital Innovation, François Côté.

We checked in with François to learn more about Fairstone’s digital approach, and how that aligns with our commitment to customer centricity.

Why has Fairstone put so much focus on digital transformation?

Quite simply, consumers are looking for and expect a seamless online experience. They want the convenience of searching online and greater clarity as they drill deeper to understand how a product or service works. Fairstone’s business is built on relationships with customers, and it’s our top priority to do everything we can to support and improve the customer journey.

To meet these needs, we developed a new digital department, known as the Digital Office, which is focused on improving the customer experience through digital innovation. Since its implementation in 2016, the Digital Office has helped Fairstone transform the way consumers access our products and information about borrowing money.


How are we blending digital with the in-branch experience?

As consumers migrated online, we had to start meeting their online expectations and improving our digital offerings. With almost a century of lending experience, we know human interactions are essential to delivering strong customer service and in assuring customers they’re receiving the product that’s right for them. Bridging the online-offline gap to create human relationships online is a challenge, but armed with our new digital team and the right resources, it’s become an increasingly important part of the way we do business.

So what changes can consumers expect to see?

“Instant Quote” is Fairstone’s latest digital update. This program allows consumers to get a personalized, no obligation loan quote without impacting their credit score. We’re inviting people to come check out what a loan from Fairstone might look like for them. Loan quotes include information like how much money you can borrow and how much your monthly, semi-monthly or bi-weekly payments might be.

This level of transparency about loan products before someone walks in your door is unheard of in our industry, and invites the type of informed borrowing Fairstone advocates. A tool like Instant Quote invites a similar level of interaction as someone might have with a Lending Specialist in the branch, as they explore their loan options and figure out how to make their loan right for them, in effect bridging the online-offline gap. We want our customers to enjoy a similar experience whether they’re online or sitting face-to-face with a Lending Specialist.

Ok, that’s cool. But what’s next?


The Digital Office is continually searching for and testing the latest tools and approaches to providing the best possible online experience. Our focus is on meeting and exceeding customer expectations throughout their loan journey. So, what’s next? Well, you’ll have to just wait and see.