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Becoming Fairstone

With almost a century of lending experience in Canada, we’re always working to improve the loan experience for our customers.

Becoming Fairstone

Fairstone may be a new name for our company, but it’s founded on almost 100 years of lending experience in Canada. We got our start as Beneficial, when we opened our doors in 1923. Even though the sign above our doors has changed, the Lending Specialists at work inside the branches have kept true to our belief in the importance of personalized service and providing customers with the best possible loan experience.

Our Canadian Heritage: A tale of many names

Our roots in lending date back to 1923 when Beneficial, a U.S.-based consumer finance company, expanded its operations to Canada. Since then, we’ve gone through several mergers and acquisitions – from Beneficial, Crescent and Avco, to The Associates, CitiFinancial®, and now Fairstone. With each evolution of our company, we’ve continued to build strong relationships with Canadians and support our customers in their times of financial need.

Fairstone is Canada’s leading non-bank provider of responsible lending solutions."

Who is Fairstone?

Fairstone is Canada’s leading non-bank provider of responsible lending solutions. Leveraging our Canadian heritage and coast-to-coast branches, Fairstone has evolved to meet today’s consumer demands when it comes to borrowing money. With our customer-first approach to lending, Fairstone is committed to providing responsible loan solutions and to supporting customers as they make informed borrowing decisions.

We’re thrilled to announce our new name and, with it, signal the next evolution in our identity. While our name has changed, and we’re finding new ways to meet changing customer needs, what won’t change are the friendly faces our customers have come to know and the personalized experience they’ve come to expect from their local community lender.

Over the next several months, you’ll notice some exciting updates in our branches and online at FairstoneCanada.ca, with even more coming soon.  As always, we’re providing the best possible loan experience to hardworking Canadians.

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