Debt calculator: See how much you’ll save by consolidating your bills 

Considering a debt consolidation loan? Our debt calculator can help you find out how much money a consolidation loan will save you.

Follow 3 simple steps to use the debt calculator:

  1. Make a list of your monthly debt payments 
  2. Enter the balance, interest rate and monthly payment for each bill you owe
  3. Select “calculate savings” to estimate how much money a consolidation loan will save you
You might qualify for a consolidation loan with a lower monthly payment. For a more accurate estimate, try our online loan quote.  
Bill 1

Bill 2

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Balance Owing $0.00
Monthly Payment $0.00
*Estimation only. Submit a loan application online, by phone or in-branch for the most accurate results.

What is a debt consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation allows you to pay off and combine multiple debts into a single loan. Your new loan will have a fixed interest rate and fixed payments, meaning you’ll have a predictable and manageable payment schedule – plus, you’ll only have to worry about one affordable monthly payment. As you continue to stay on track of payments, you’ll pay down your debt faster and save money on interest charges.

Visit our debt consolidation page to learn more. 

How to get a debt consolidation loan:

  1. Start with an online loan quote to find out how much money you could qualify for
  2. Happy with your quote? A Lending Specialist will be in touch to help finalize your loan details – they’ll make sure your new loan payment fits in your budget
  3. Finalize the application in-branch, and you could have your debt consolidation loan as soon as today.

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Payment options that work for you

We offer a variety of payment options, so you can choose the one that fits your budget and aligns best with your pay schedule.

Bi-weekly payments

Making payments every other week can help reduce interest fees and pay your loan back faster by making 26 payments a year rather than 24. Setup your payments so they come directly from your bank account on a day that works best for you.

Semi-monthly payments

Rather than paying every other week, choosing semi-monthly payments means you’ll pay twice a month (or 24 payments a year). Semi-monthly payments can help reduce interest fees and pay your loan back faster.


Monthly payments

Pay your loan back on the same day every month. Making one simple monthly payment can help you stay on track and in control of your loan.



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