Canada debt: Consolidation loans and debt relief for Canadians

A debt consolidation loan makes money management easy

Feeling overwhelmed by multiple bills? Looking for a loan for credit card debt? Reduce your debt, get your credit back on track and find relief with a debt consolidation loan from Fairstone. Our Lending Specialists will help you tackle debt head on with customized debt solutions.

How to get a debt consolidation loan

Ready to pay off debt and simplify your life? Here’s how to get a debt consolidation loan in three simple steps:
  1. Request an online loan quote in minutes – no obligation, no impact to your credit score.
  2. You’ll receive a call from a Fairstone Lending Specialist – they’ll recommend a customized solution to help you pay off your debts. 
  3. Visit your branch to finalize the application and have your debt consolidation loan as soon as today!

Debt consolidation loans

Consolidate debt and experience debt relief today with a loan for debt consolidation. A debt consolidation loan will help you manage multiple bills and get out of debt faster with one simple monthly payment.

Loans for credit card debt

Credit card loans are used to consolidate debts owed to multiple credit card companies. With a debt consolidation loan you can pay off old credit card debt, leaving your finances easier to manage.

Bill consolidation loans

Combining bills such as hydro bills, phone bills and credit card bills can bring you peace of mind. Manage debt through a bill consolidation loan and experience the relief of one simple payment.

Get out of debt and experience debt relief today

Many Canadians ask themselves, “How should I manage my debt?” If you’re in this situation, a debt consolidation loan may be the answer.

What can I use a debt consolidation loan for?

  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Combine multiple bills into one payment
  • Pay off multiple bills at once

A loan from Fairstone can help you experience debt relief, but also give you the peace of mind knowing you're working with a responsible Canadian lender. Consolidate your debt – get a loan quote.

More on Canada debt relief: We have lots of resources to help Canadians learn how to manage their debt, including articles with information on debt management: Debt to income ratio in Canada, Managing debt and Canada debt solutions.

Canada debt relief: Daniel’s story

Fairstone can help you get the money you need to pay off debts and combine several bills into a single, affordable loan payment. Learn how Daniel saved hundreds of dollars a month and decreased the time it would have taken to repay his debt.


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David’s story

David needed to get his truck ready for winter, but money was tight. On the advice of a friend, he visited his local Fairstone branch. Working with a Lending Specialist, David learned that not only could he get the money for his truck, but could also consolidate his credit card debt and save hundreds of dollars a year. David left his branch feeling relieved, with an affordable personal loan and greater control over his debt.

This story is based on a typical customer situation. 

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Why Canadians choose Fairstone personal loans

  1. Get a quick personalized loan quote by answering a few simple questions.
  2. You’ll get one-on-one service from a knowledgeable Lending Specialist who will help you find a loan that’s right for you.
  3. Choose from our flexible payment options and benefit from fixed rates and affordable monthly payments.
  4. You can change your mind and cancel an unsecured personal loan within 14 days. No charges and no questions asked.

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