A sigh of relief

Loan insurance protects Leo against the unexpected

Leo visited his local Edmonton Fairstone branch looking to get a personal loan to consolidate his bills and simplify his finances. Having borrowed money before, Leo knew the Lending Specialists by name, and he always felt welcome and comfortable when he visited.

While Leo’s loan application was processing, he told his Lending Specialist, Kevin, about his children and his life at home. Kevin asked Leo if he had ever considered purchasing optional insurance to protect his loan and ensure his loan payments would be made if anything ever happened to him. Leo had never purchased insurance before; he had never needed it, he said. That’s when Kevin explained that that’s exactly what the insurance is for—to provide peace of mind and protection against sudden or unexpected situations like illness or job loss.

Leo decided to purchase Life, Disability and Involuntary Unemployment insurance. Having talked through his options, needs and budget with Kevin, Leo left his branch with his debts consolidated, feeling informed and protected.

Four months after he closed his new loan, Leo fell ill and was unable to work. While this was a highly stressful and expensive time in his life, Leo knew there was one bill he wouldn’t have to worry about—his loan. Loan insurance has now paid over $3,000 of Leo’s loan payments while he recovers at home.

Leo never imagined he would become ill at his age, and confessed he didn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t purchased loan insurance. He has visited the Edmonton branch more than once to express his gratitude to Kevin for informing him of options and helping him find peace of mind.

Names, locations and some details have been changed to respect our customers’ privacy.


“Leo had never taken insurance before; he had never needed it, he said...he didn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t purchased loan insurance.”