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Fairstone has helped millions of Canadians find a loan solution for their unique borrowing needs. With over 225 branches from coast to coast, our Lending Specialists are there to help customers with debt consolidation, mortgage solutions and making sure they’re prepared for when the unexpected occurs. Learn more about how we’ve helped customers to see why we’re Canada’s leading non-bank lender.

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A personal loan gets Sam and Jeremy out of credit card debt and to the church on time

Sam and Jeremy’s youngest grandson would be getting married in Toronto in just a few weeks. Every wedding is a cause for celebration, but this one was particularly special because it would be the last wedding in their family. As a retired couple living in New Minas, Nova Scotia, Sam and Jeremy were worried about costs associated with the wedding: travel, hotel, new outfits and a wedding gift.

Instead of putting expenses onto their credit card, which was already carrying a balance, Sam and Jeremy visited the New Minas Fairstone branch to find a solution. They discussed their borrowing options with Lending Specialist Nicole. Nicole showed the couple that with a personal loan from Fairstone, Sam and Jeremy could comfortably borrow the money they needed for the wedding, as well as to pay off their credit card. This way Sam and Jeremy wouldn’t be carrying two debts, and could stop making minimum payments on their credit card. Instead, they could pay off their credit card completely and then make regular, affordable payments on their Fairstone loan and get rid of their debt over time.

Three weeks later, Sam and Jeremy made their way to Toronto to celebrate their grandson and his new bride. They were so grateful for the expertise and care Nicole provided that they came into the branch after with homemade pies, and showed her pictures of the big day. Nicole was proud she was able to help a wonderful couple find a loan solution that allowed them to meet their goals.

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Empty nesters refinance their mortgage and find oasis off-shore

Sophie and her husband Thomas had lived near Lake Ontario for decades. They’d always wanted a boat but between children, household expenses, job changes and saving for retirement they’d never been able to make it work. As they reached retirement and their lifestyles changed again, Sophie and Thomas decided it was time to consider getting the boat.

On the advice of a close friend, Sophie and Thomas visited their local Fairstone branch in Cobourg, Ontario. When the couple sat down with Lending Specialist Olivia, they explained their family’s financial situation and goals. Sophie and Thomas knew they would require a large loan to cover the costs of the boat — more than $25,000 — and wanted to make sure they could afford a loan of that size.

Together, Sophie, Thomas and Olivia decided a second mortgage was right for their situation; the payment fit their budget and the interest rate was lower than on a personal loan. Most importantly, Sophie and Thomas were able to get the money they would need to meet their lifelong goal.

Loan insurance protects Leo against the unexpected

Leo visited his local Edmonton Fairstone branch looking to get a debt consolidation loan. While Leo’s loan application was processing, he told his Lending Specialist, Kevin, about his children and his life at home. Kevin asked Leo if he had ever considered purchasing optional insurance to protect his loan and ensure his loan payments would be made if anything ever happened to him.

After Kevin explained the benefits of optional insurance, Leo decided to purchase Life, Disability and Involuntary Unemployment insurance. Four months later, Leo fell ill and was unable to work. While this was a highly stressful and expensive time in his life, Leo knew there was one bill he wouldn’t have to worry about—his loan. Loan insurance has now paid over $3,000 of Leo’s loan payments while he recovers at home.

Leo never imagined he would become ill at his age, and has since visited the Edmonton branch more than once to express his gratitude to Kevin for informing him of options and helping him find peace of mind.

Names, locations and some details have been changed to respect our customers’ privacy.