The lending landscape

For an increasing number of Canadians, borrowing from a bank isn’t an option — they simply don’t qualify. On the other end of the spectrum, payday lenders seem to be on every street corner, but it can be difficult to escape the cycle of high-interest debt. Where can Canadians turn for a responsible, affordable credit solution in their time of financial need?

Who we are (and who we’re not)

As an alternative to banks, we understand and respect our customers’ financial situations. We know that borrowing money is a reality of life, and that Canadians need responsible lenders to provide loan solutions so they may stabilize their budget and take control of their finances. That’s where we come in. We aren’t a payday lender—we offer lower interest rates and more comprehensive customer service; we also aren’t a bank—our interest rates are higher than most of the rates you’d find there. But we qualify more Canadians, so they can access the money they need when they need it at an affordable cost.

Banks and credit unions

Lower rates
Fixed payments
Might not qualify


Responsible rates
Fixed, affordable payments
Millions of Canadians helped over the last 90 years

Payday lenders

Highest rates
Variable debt cycle
High borrowing fees
Most qualify

Imagine a better borrowing experience


Borrowing shouldn’t be shrouded in confusion or negativity. We believe it can — and should — be responsible, affordable and comfortable. We’re here to help you understand that you have borrowing options and to work with you to find the loan solution that’s right for your needs. You deserve transparency so you can know what you’re signing up for and understand how it will affect your ability to budget and save money.

Content that connects

On our website and in our branches you’ll find content to help you gain confidence and a clearer understanding of our products, processes and services. Relevant videos, infographics and customer success stories clarify important financial topics like interest rates, credit scores, money management and reaching your financial goals.

People that care

We’ll work with you one-on-one. Every time you visit a local Fairstone branch or speak to a Lending Specialist over the phone, we’re listening. We won’t just disclose rates, terms and conditions; we’ll help you understand them, using the level of detail you prefer. We’ll answer your questions to help you become confident and informed, so you can make smart financial decisions now and in the future. That’s what we promise to deliver.

Empowering our next generation

We believe that preparing our youth for a strong financial future is both our responsibility and our privilege. Our involvement with Junior Achievement (JA) Canada gives our next generation of leaders the opportunity to learn and grow. Fairstone employees across the country coach and deliver lessons on financial literacy and budgeting to students through JA’s Dollars with Sense program. And our corporate donations will enable thousands of students to continue to participate in this program in 2016 and 2017.

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