Best. Money Tip. Ever.

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It doesn’t have to be professional banking advice – just good advice for managing money.

Submit your Best. Money Tip. Ever. and be 1 of 3 Canadians to win up to $500 in eGift cards! No strings attached.

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“My best money tip would be to have frequent "no spend days" in your week. just make your lunch, drink coffee at work or from home, and vow to not buy anything at least a few times in the week. it works for me to save money when I am more conscious of spending.”

Manuael B

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“If your car loan, etc has been paid in full...continue to deposit that same amount you were paying monthly into a savings account for a down payment on your next car or next loan. You don't miss the money because you were already used to paying that amount monthly anyway.”

Karen T

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“Avoid buying coffee everyday, 5 days/week and put your saving in a RRSP.”

Ginette D

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