6 tips to cut down on pool expenses this summer

Pools are great for cooling off during the summer, but maintaining a pool can come at a high price. As a pool owner, you’re faced with expenses like paying for pool supplies and increased electrical and water usage.

Stay cool with summer and save some money with these six tips to cut down on pool expenses:

Skip the pool heater

Cut out the cost of purchasing a pool heater, and the added utility bill it takes to run one. Instead, opt for a solar pool cover to keep your pool warm. It’s best to cover your pool not only at night, but also any times during the day you aren’t using your pool.

If you do choose to use a pool heater, you can still cut down on utility costs by using it with a solar cover. The solar cover will prevent the pool from losing any heat that was generated, so the heater won’t have to run as often. 

Conserve water whenever possible

As a pool owner, you’re going to use more water no matter what. But there are still ways you can cut down on your water usage:

  • A pool cover not only keeps the water warm, but it also prevents water from evaporating, meaning you won’t have to fill your pool up as often
  • Minimize splashes – You can’t prevent splashes completely (what’s the fun in that), but one tip is to keep your water level low so you don’t have excessive water loss as people jump in
  • Don’t leave a hose unattended when adding water to your pool, or you risk causing it to overflow

Stay on top of general pool maintenance

You should regularly clean your pool, test the water and look for leaks or rips in your pool liner. Remember, it’s cheaper to prevent any pool problems rather than fix them - for example, if you don’t stay on top of cleaning you could end up with algae buildup, which means you’ll have to buy more chemicals get rid of it.

Keep a close eye on your liner and regularly check for pool leaks; if you catch a rip or tear early on, you may be able to patch it, which can buy you some time to save up before you have to completely replace your liner.

Take precautions to prevent pool leaks in your liner

In addition to checking for rips and tears in your liner, you should take precautions to prevent one from happening in the first place. Avoid using glass containers in your backyard or around your pool. You should also keep a close eye on your dog if they swim in your pool – their claws could scratch the liner.

Open and close the pool yourself

Pool companies can charge hundreds of dollars for their service, so opening and closing your pool yourself will save you from a hefty bill twice a year. However, you also need to make sure to winterize your pool properly. If you don’t, it could cause issues that will cost more money in the long-run. Many pool companies offer free resources on their website to help pool owners learn how to properly open and close a pool, so there’s no reason not to do your research before tackling it solo.

Save for a pool fund during the cold months of the year

It’s easy to forget about your pool during the winter months, but this is actually the best time of year to stash away some extra money into a pool fund for the summer. Putting away money during the winter will take some of the stress off your summer budget, and can help you better prepare for some unexpected repairs and expenses. If you’re looking for information on how to build a budget, read this article on creating a budget that works for you.

And, don’t forget to enjoy your pool! If you’re spending money on your pool, take advantage of it this summer. Opt for a pool day rather than spending money at the beach or a trip to the waterpark.

We hope you enjoy the sunshine and pool parties this summer!