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New financial award program for college graduates

We’re excited to announce the launch of our ‘Next Step’ Financial Award program this March.

Through Next Step, Fairstone is giving 10 Canadian college graduates $4,000 to help them avoid debt as they take on the next step in their lives: their career.


Why new graduates?

Graduates have a lot of expenses, whether it’s professional clothes for their first big interview, professional licences or exams, tools and hardware, or even just moving expenses. And while scholarships are great for helping to cover the cost of tuition and expenses while students are in school, there aren’t many sources of financial support once students graduate.
Fairstone understands debt, and the impact that carrying debt can have on a person’s financial situation, as well as their day-to-day life. That’s why we’re committing to helping support graduates as they transition from school to “the real world” – firstly through our annual Next Step financial awards, and secondly by sharing financial advice with future grads.

How do the awards work?

Each of the 10 award recipients will receive $4,000, split into two installments - $3,000 in May, to help kickstart their journey, and the remaining $1,000 in September, to provide a secondary boost. Throughout the duration of their award, we’ll stay in touch with the winners and ask them to share any financial learnings and career advice as they immerse themselves in new jobs, new cities, and new lives post-graduation. Then, we’ll compile their learnings and share them back with other students and graduates, helping facilitate financial literacy among Canadian youth. 
Fairstone is proud to help these graduates take the Next Step in their journey, and can’t wait to follow along the way!


How can students and grads enter?

To enter, graduating students and recent grads submit a 1-2 minute video of themselves telling us how they would use the $4,000 as they finish college and get ready for their career.  Submissions will be accepted between Mar. 19-Apr. 13, 2018, and winners will be selected by a panel of Fairstone judges.


You can learn more about the Next Step program and read the official rules here.