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Why we partner with JA Canada

Fairstone is proud to partner with JA Canada and contribute to a community of financially-savvy, business-smart youth.

Our multi-year partnership is strengthening financial literacy in Canada by helping more grade seven to nine classrooms access JA Canada’s Dollars with Sense program.

JA Canada is Canada’s largest youth business education organization. Since 1955, JA Canada has been inspiring and preparing youth to succeed by providing opportunities for them to learn financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness skills. As part of their mission to inspire students and prepare them to succeed in a digital economy, JA Canada offers programs to students, delivered by a dedicated team of volunteers in classrooms across the country. Each year over 250,000 students participate in JA Canada programming.

Statistics about the impact of JA speak for themselves:

  • 75% of JA Achievers stated JA had a significant impact on the development of their financial literacy and decision-making skills
  • 65% of JA Achievers said JA had a significant impact on their decisions to stay in school and enroll in post-secondary education
  • JA graduates are 50% more likely to open a business1
Fairstone is focused on finding and filling gaps in Canadians’ access to financial information."

We partner with JA Canada because we believe everyone has the right to access the financial knowledge and information they need to build strong financial habits and make informed decisions. Employees across the country reinforce this belief by coaching students and delivering lessons through Dollars with Sense coast to coast.

“Building on our relationship with JA Canada and ongoing sponsorship of its Dollars with Sense program, Fairstone is focused on finding and filling gaps in Canadians’ access to financial information,” said Scott Wood, President and CEO, Fairstone. “We’re contributing on a national scale to financial literacy in Canada, which is both our responsibility as a financial institution and our privilege as a corporate citizen.”

To add to our partnership with JA Canada, and build on our relationship, we’ve developed a series of tools to provide information and clarity about personal loans and borrowing. Our website was redesigned earlier this year to place a stronger focus on financial literacy and include interactive decision-making tools like our personal loan calculator and debt consolidation calculator, infographics that provide clear explanations of how interest rates work, videos that answer common borrowing questions and a blog with information about loans, credit and achieving financial goals.

1"What we do.” Who We Are. JA Canada, 2016. Web.

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