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10 homemade gift ideas under $10

This holiday season, avoid busy malls and keep your bank account balance healthy by making affordable homemade gifts.

We’ve compiled 10 homemade gifts that will cover every person on your holiday shopping list. To help you out, we’ve even suggested who to give each gift to.  Your friends and family will love these unique gifts and they’re simple to make so there is no DIY experience required. 


1. Hot or cold reusable rice bag

For your sibling
Provide relief from sore muscles and headaches with a homemade rice bag. You can make one by using rice, fabric and sewing supplies. If you aren’t comfortable with sewing, you can also use an iron-on adhesive to seal them instead. Try using upcycled pillow cases and bed sheets instead of buying new fabric. Another option is to fill a knee-high sock with rice and tie it at the top to prevent the rice from falling out.


2. Cutting board tablet holder

For mom
A homemade tablet holder makes it easy to read cooking instructions from a screen. Buy a cutting board from the dollar store and stain it to give it a more expensive look. Glue one piece of wood to the bottom of the board so the tablet has a shelf to rest on and glue a second piece of wood to the back so it can stand upright. It’s a clever way to read recipes off a tablet and it doubles as a piece of décor.


3. Fishing lures

For dads and nephews
You can make these by saving old wine corks and beer caps. Glue a beer cap to one end of a cork and decorate the lure with stick on eyes, rubber tassels and paint to help attract fish. Finish it off by inserting a hook into the cork.


4. Jigsaw puzzle

For your niece or nephew
Homemade puzzles are a unique gift kids will love. Create a simple jigsaw puzzle by using wooden blocks as puzzle pieces. Arrange the blocks side-by-side as a rectangle or square and paint a picture that covers each piece. Once finished, the pieces can be dissembled and rearranged like a jigsaw puzzle. Before wrapping the gift, take a picture of the finished puzzle so the person receiving it knows what it’s supposed to look like.


5. Tea light candle holder

For a friend
Instead of buying a holiday-scented candle, get creative by making a tea light candle holder.
Here are some materials you could use:

  • Decorate an old mason jar. Use burlap, ribbon and fake pine needles to make it festive.
  • Wrap old book pages around a glass jar. You can make it more personal by using pages from someone’s favourite book.
  • Use a flexible ice cube tray to mould plaster into candle holders. Pour plaster into the tray, put a candle in the mould and let it sit until it hardens. You can add paint once it is dry,


6. Herb filled tree ornament

For your in-laws
This gift is multi-purpose and great for anyone who loves to cook. It can be used as a tree decoration and, once the holidays are over, the herbs can be emptied out and used in recipes. Fill clear tree ornaments with your herbs of choice. Consider growing your own herbs to make this gift even more personalized and affordable.


7. Personalized coffee mug

For your neighbour
Coffee and tea drinkers will appreciate this gift. Buy a white mug from the dollar store and personalize it by creating a design with oil-based paint sharpie markers and stencils. Once you’re finished decorating the coffee mug, bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350° F to set the design in place. Take a look at these examples of homemade mugs to help get you inspired.


8. Stress ball

For your coworkers
Fill a balloon with flour, baking soda or play sand by attaching a funnel to the neck of the balloon. Include some candy and Tylenol with this gift to make it the ultimate stress-relieving present!


9. Pen holder

For teachers
This is a great gift for a teacher since they can display it on their desk. Here are some of our favorite ways to make a homemade pen holder:
-Paint a mason jar
-Decorate an old soup can with Washi tape or fabric
-Create one out of plaster or cement


10. Luggage tag

For the person who loves to travel
Get creative by using a variety of materials like fabric, cardboard, Washi tape, or ribbon. If you know someone has an upcoming trip, add decorative elements that have to do with the place they are travelling to.


Homemade gifts will keep your holiday spending low, and staying within your budget around the holidays can help you start off the New Year with healthy finances, ready to reach your 2018 financial goals.