Save money this Halloween: 5 homemade costumes

Trick or treating, candy, costumes and parties – Halloween is fun for people of all ages. However, decorations, candy, pumpkins and costumes (especially store-bought ones) can make Halloween an expensive day of the year. Luckily, we’ve researched some affordable homemade Halloween costumes (suitable for both children and adults) to help you save money this fall.

1. Dress up as fruit (strawberry or pineapple is easiest)

All you need to dress up as a strawberry or pineapple is either a red or yellow shirt. Then, DIY a headband to make it look like the leaves on top of fruit. You get bonus points if you use a fabric marker to add a design to your shirt!

2. Riddles and puns make for clever costume ideas

If you’re creative enough, there are hundreds of options for ‘punny’ Halloween costumes. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Ceiling fan: Write “Go ceiling” on a white shirt and hold up a flag or banner
  • Party animal: Dress up in your go-to dancing outfit and wear your favourite animal ears
  • Pig in a blanket: Throw on pig ears and wrap yourself in a blanket or scarf

3. Pull out old souvenirs and go out as a tacky tourist

Grab a tropical shirt, throw on a lanyard and strap on a fanny pack. Complete the look with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen on your nose.  

4. Use leftover balloons to create your costume

Transform yourself into a bunch of grapes by pinning or taping balloons to your shirt and adding a vine to a headband. Or dress up as a jelly bean bag by wrapping a clear plastic bag around yourself and filling it with different coloured balloons.

5. Let the decades inspire your costume

Recreate the 70s with a pair of bellbottom pants or bring the 80s to life with bold colours and patterns. Raid your parents’ closet, or even your own, to find trendy fashion pieces reminiscent of your favourite decade.

Ready to get your DIY on? Here are some tips to help you create affordable costumes:

  • Shop thrift stores for affordable clothing, accessories, props and more.
  • Keep a box of old costumes and props. You can re-use materials for different costumes in the future.
  • Learn how to sew – it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – in our opinion, the best costumes are homemade.

Happy Halloween!