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Our partnership with Food Banks Canada

A commitment that shapes our company

At first glance, ours may seem like just another corporate partnership — annual donations, sharing logos and annual food drives — but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the connection between Fairstone and Food Bank Canada goes into the heart of our company.

For starters, our relationship grew from the ground up. Fairstone employees began volunteering at local food banks in 2006, years before we became corporate sponsors. Over the next four years, as more employees joined the volunteer events, it became part of our culture to establish relationships with the food banks in our communities.

In 2010, we formalized our commitment to Food Banks Canada by becoming a recognized Partner. Now, over a decade after the grassroots start of our relationship, working with the food banks has become somewhat of a rite of passage for Fairstone Lending Specialists.

Every year we take time to focus on our relationship with the food banks. Every September, along with our corporate donation, we run a food drive in each of our over 215 branch locations.

Feed the NeedThe work of food banks is made possible by people helping people in communities across Canada. From the family that drops off an extra bag of groceries to the volunteers packing hampers and sorting food, every person’s actions make a difference. We’re proud to maintain the tradition of people helping people as part of our culture at Fairstone. Like the food banks, we’re uniquely positioned across the country in local communities where we’re able to serve and support the people in our neighbourhoods.

Whether it’s volunteering as part of an organized employee event, sharing advice and financial knowledge with our customers or contributing to the success of our partners, Fairstone is proud to be there when our neighbours need us.


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