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Fairstone is launching its first national advertising campaign

Becoming Fairstone last April allowed us to explore who we are as a fully Canadian company.

Now, ten months later, it’s time for us to launch our new brand and connect with more Canadians than ever before, with our first national advertising campaign. We’re excited to share a look at the concept and development behind our campaign, which officially kicks off Feb 5.

Fairstone’s advertising campaign features a fictional spokesperson, the Fairstone Fairy. Throughout 2018, you’ll be seeing the Fairy in our TV commercials, online videos and in places like our social media, website and in our branches.

Who is the Fairstone Fairy? 

The Fairy is the friendly face of our advertising campaign. She captures people’s attention with her charismatic and quirky attitude. The Fairy’s playful personality makes her approachable, and she’s always ready to offer a helping hand. When the Fairy comes across people in financial need, she’ll of course try to put a smile on their face, but, most importantly, she directs them to the experts at Fairstone for help.

Our campaign slogan: When life isn’t fair, Fairstone is there

Life isn’t always easy and unexpected situations sometimes happen. When they do, Fairstone is there to help. Our campaign slogan, “When life isn’t Fair, Fairstone is there,” speaks to the fact that our Lending Specialists do more than simply provide a loan solution; at Fairstone, we have the experience and expertise to understand our customers’ diverse situations, and provide ongoing support without judgement.

To celebrate the unique ways our employees support customers, we’ve also created an employee recognition program inspired by our campaign slogan, the “When life wasn’t fair, you were there” award. We’re recognizing employees who go above and beyond to help their customers and people in their community. We’ll be sharing the winner stories in an upcoming blog soon.

Interested in seeing our campaign?

You can watch our commercials and online videos here to see the Fairy in action.