Looking for ways to enjoy the season without spending a fortune?

The holiday season can get very expensive, very quickly. And it’s not just the gifts that add up; it’s attending events, hosting events, preparing big meals… before you know it, it’s January and the bills have really racked up.

To help you get into the spirit this season (and to help your wallet in January), we’ve come up with some ways you can enjoy the holiday season without spending a lot (or anything at all!).

Go for a walk (or drive) to see the lights

Pack the kids up in the car or stroller, and head out to check out how your town, or even just your neighbours, have decorated for the holiday season. A lot of radio stations or local news organizations put out lists of the best decorated houses in town, so grab your GPS and some cocoa and get out there!

Decorate your house

You likely have everything you need for this activity, but if not you can find inexpensive decorations at any dollar store, secondhand shop, or heavily discounted the closer it gets to the holidays. Make it an event: play some music, get some eggnog (or your favourite seasonal drink) and put up all the decorations as a family.

Decorate cookies

Whether you prefer gingerbread houses or the more traditional shortbread cookies, either way you get a delicious result. This is a fun activity to do with the kids, and if you don’t already have supplies many of them can be purchased at a local dollar store.

Do a white elephant gift exchange

Instead of purchasing gifts for everyone in your extended family, consider doing a white elephant gift exchange or a Secret Santa. These events usually include a price limit, and offer you the bonus of having to only buy one gift instead of multiple gifts.

Create new traditions

A lot of the most meaningful traditions don’t have to cost a lot, or even anything at all. Cozy up with blankets and introduce your kids to your favourite holiday movies from your childhood. Make snow angels, or build a snowman outside. Or sing holiday songs.


Christmas is a great time to teach your family about the value of giving back to their community. A lot of charitable organizations can use extra help around the holiday season, be it a local church, a soup kitchen, or even just your neighbours. Spending time helping your community is a great way to celebrate the true meaning of the season.


Remember what it’s really about

It can be so easy at this time of year to get caught up in buying the best gift, or the newest and coolest gadgets. It’s easy to get lost in some of the consumerism that surrounds the holidays, and forget what it’s really all about: enjoying time with your loved ones, and creating new memories.

We hope you are able to enjoy some of these inexpensive ways to celebrate the holiday season.


Wishing you and your family safe and happy holidays, and a wonderful new year,

The Fairstone Team