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Earth Day 2017

Something about the word “reforestation” just sounds Canadian.

First there’s the word “forest,” which makes you think of the many kilometres of woodland that stretch across our country and, for many, define what it means to be Canadian. Then there’s “forestation,” planting of trees and shrubs to help maintain the forests that make our country what it is. And then the word as a whole: “reforestation,” planting a new forest to replace one that has been lost.

A few years ago, Fairstone got involved in Canadian reforestation because we recognized the role that we as a Canadian company play in supporting a healthy Canadian environment. For the sake of the communities that have grown around and within woodlands, we must help reforest and replace what has been lost and support a greener future.

Fairstone is proud to announce that as of Earth Day 2017 we have contributed 23,000 trees."

Fairstone is proud to announce that as of Earth Day 2017 we have contributed 23,000 trees to five Canadian reforestation initiatives. Through our multi-year support of Tree Canada’s National Greening Program, we’ve planted seedlings in areas impacted by natural disasters, invasive species and logging, including planting sites in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Town of Rivers, Manitoba, Sudbury, Ontario, Canton Alleyn, Quebec and the Chignecto Isthmus in New Brunswick.

Through partnerships with municipalities and First Nations Communities, Fairstone, through Tree Canada, is helping lay the groundwork for future forests that will create habitat for wildlife, purify groundwater, stabilize soil and support biodiversity. And Tree Canada has taught us that the benefits don’t stop there; studies now show trees contribute to safer and healthier communities by reducing noise, slowing traffic, providing recreational and educational opportunities for citizens and more.

As a company that has been around for 94 years in Canada, Fairstone understands the value of Canadian communities.  Our participation in reforestation is just one way we support Canadian towns and cities coast to coast, the same communities where we live and work. This Earth Day, we take time to celebrate the work done so far and to look forward to our future contributions as a Canadian corporate citizen. Whether it’s through food drives in support of local food banks, hours spent as financial literacy coaches with JA Canada or more trees in more locations across this country, we know the future is bright for Canadian communities, and that we at Fairstone are ready to be part of this future.

Informed youth – full bellies – healthy environment;

we contribute because community matters.

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