Budget friendly backyard ideas that will transform your outdoor space

Turn your backyard into a place you love with upgrades that fit your budget. Whether you have a large backyard or small outdoor area, these tips will turn your yard into the perfect place for parties, BBQs and lounging.

We guarantee these ideas will make you want to spend more time in your backyard (and have your friends begging you for an invite).

Build a backyard fire pit

Creating your own fire pit can save you money compared to buying one from the store. If you want to keep it simple, all you need to do is fill a metal ring (we suggest using an old truck rim) with gravel and line it with landscaping rocks. Check out full instructions and pictures here. Since you won’t need many landscaping rocks, you might be able to use leftovers from family and friends, or find some that are on clearance.

Make sure you check the bylaws in your city or town to see if they allow open fire pits. If you’re in the clear, now you can enjoy cozy nights around the fire with friends, and roasting marshmallows in the comfort of your own backyard!

Clean and stain decks and fences  

Decks and fences can look brand new again after a good cleaning and fresh coat of stain. First, clean decks and fences with a garden house or pressure washer. Once dry, apply a few coats of stain and then add a seal over top to protect it from fading.

On that note, taking the time to clean down siding, patios, outdoor furniture and anything else you can think of can transform your space and make it look clean and inviting.

Stash away yard tools in a deck box

Keep your yard clutter-free by storing yard tools, toys and games away in a deck box. You can find deck boxes in a variety of styles and price ranges. Although some styles come with a higher price, it’s a cheaper alternative compared to a shed if you don’t have a lot of items to store.

Attract birds to your yard with a bird feeder

Many bird feeders come with an affordable price tag and are a great way to bring nature in to your space. Different types of feeders attract different bird species. If you buy the right feeder, you can attract your favourite types of birds to your yard.

Worried about other creatures getting in to the bird feed? There are lots of squirrel-proof feeders out there, but if you can’t beat them, try laying out some peanuts or other nuts in a different area to detract squirrels and other pesky animals from getting into the bird feeder.

Liven up your space with a water fountain

Adding a simple water fountain looks great as a décor piece and creates soothing background noise that makes spending time in your yard much more relaxing. We recommend looking for a water fountain at thrift stores and yard sales to try and find a bargain.

Plant a free tree

Several not-for-profit tree companies offer trees for free or for a small donation. Planting a tree is an affordable way to invest in your yard for years to come. Of course you’ll have to wait for it to grow to reap some of the benefits, but it will look great and offer some shaded areas. You can also opt for a fruit tree which will give you something to snack on in your upgraded backyard!

Looking for a not-for-profit tree company? Learn more about our partnership with Tree Canada here.

Create a garden (on a budget)

Lastly, the easiest way to upgrade your yard is to plant a garden. Flowers add colour, smell great and make your yard a place you want to spend time in. Check out our affordable gardening tips to learn how you can grow a garden on a budget.

And, the best part that saves you money? Creating an outdoor space that’s inviting and relaxing allows to you to enjoy the warmer weather at home, without spending money elsewhere.