5 inexpensive ways to stay active this spring and summer

Looking for ways to stay active this spring and summer? Take advantage of longer days, warmer weather and sunshine by being active outdoors. Not only do you get to enjoy the weather, but on top of that many outdoor activities are budget-friendly.

Here are some of our favourite ways to stay active this season:

1. Walk around a local festival or market

Many local festivals offer free admission and are a great alternative to going for a walk. Your steps will add up and you’ll likely be too distracted by the festival to notice how much physical activity you’re doing. Throw on your step counter, or map out your route and you’ll be surprised by how many steps you take by the end of the day.

2. Turn your backyard BBQ into a tournament

Why not turn a BBQ into a fun way to add more exercise into your routine? Games like Frisbee, ladder toss and cornhole are a great way to stay active while enjoying time with family and friends. 

3. Join an outdoor sports league

Spring and summer are the best seasons to take advantage of adult sports leagues, since there are a variety of outdoor options. Even though sports leagues come with a price tag, it’s often significantly cheaper than a gym membership, and they double as a social outing. Plus, you can often find discounts for league fees – many leagues offer reduced prices if you sign up for multiple sports at a time, or are a repeat player from another season.

Not interested in a full league? Many sports leagues offer weekend tournaments as well, so you can stay active without the commitment.

4. Find a local meetup – running, walking, cycling etc.

It’s so much more enjoyable to stay active in a group. We recommend checking out Meetup.com to find local meetup groups in your community. You can find groups that are dedicated to walking, running, cycling, dancing, yoga and more. The majority of meetups are free or low-cost, making it an affordable way to stay active and meet like-minded people.

5. Sign up for an outdoor fitness class

Outdoor fitness classes are usually more affordable than a gym because they take place in public outdoor spaces. You might even be able to find free outdoor classes if an instructor or personal trainer is trying to gain experience and build their client base. In most communities you can find anything from boot camp to yoga offered outdoors at little to no cost.

Lastly, the best way to be active this season is to get your friends and family involved. You’ll enjoy exercise so much more when it’s a way to socialize with friends, enjoy the weather and stay within your budget.