Car repair loans

Get the money you need to fix your vehicle with a car repair loan from Fairstone. A car repair loan can help you manage and afford unexpected auto expenses like transmission repairs, engine replacements and auto body repairs. With Fairstone’s quick application process, you won’t have to wait to fix your car.

Car repair financing for maintenance

Vehicle maintenance costs can add up. Apply for a car repair loan to help you manage regular vehicle maintenance expenses, including oil changes, new brakes and replacement of old or broken parts such as batteries and tires.

Get the money you need to fix your car Apply for a car repair loan today

Repairable vehicles

You’ve worked hard to pay for your car, so don’t write it off after an accident. Apply for a loan and use the funds to pay for repairable damages. If you’re considering buying a used vehicle that already has damages, Fairstone’s affordable loan payments could help you manage the cost of car repairs.

Fairstone can help with:

  • Auto repair financing
  • Vehicle repair loans
  • Car repair loans
  • Truck repair loans

Get the money you need to fix your car. Apply for a car repair loan today.

Car repair loans: Mark’s story

Over the past few months Mark saved up a bit of money from each paycheque to pay for new winter tires. When he went in to get the tires put on, the mechanic informed Mark that he also needed other car repairs. Mark’s car wasn’t very old, and he wasn’t expecting to need repairs so soon. Mark needs a car for work, so he decided to get a loan to help him fix his car. After doing some research online, Mark learned about Fairstone’s car repair loans. With a loan from Fairstone, Mark got the money he needed to fix his car the same day he applied.

This story is based on a typical customer situation.